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Dear Friend,


If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get into a highly profitable online business that you can run in your spare time, this page will tell you all about it -- and you simply will not believe the possibilities!


This business can provide you with a large enough income -- an income so big that you can quit your present job if you'd like, and live life as you please! You are going to love this!


Imagine this:


Next Monday morning, instead of fighting the rush-hour traffic to work, you go online and publish a silly video of yourself on social media. This video takes you less than 3 minutes to make.


That video is LIVE on the Internet and your social media friends and followers check it out.


Within a short period of time, many of your friends and followers start messaging you and visiting your website.


And all of sudden, sales start coming through to your email inbox - all for 3 minutes of work.


And guess what?


The next day the same thing happens. No matter if you're posting from the beach, at home, or at work... it doesn't matter!


Because your "silly content" is generating revenue no matter where you are, or what you're doing!


It's important to understand that the business I've just described is not a fantasy. And it's not magic. What it is, is the normal operating procedure of a successful affiliate marketing business.


No doubt, you've already heard about this kind of business and you've probably read stories about people who have made fortunes in it.


And it's true, alot of money has been made and is still being made in the affiliate marketing business.


But for most people, it's not the enormous income potential that attracts them to this business... it's the lifestyle.


Let me explain:


You see, in most businesses, success means having to become a "slave" to the business.


This is especially true in the retail and service businesses where your customers control your life and set your schedule.


And you know, quite honestly, for a lot of people becoming a slave to their business is really not a problem. They don't seem to mind having to baby-sit the store everyday.


They don't mind being tied to a cash register, or having to continually deal with employees, inventories, overhead, wholesalers, distributors, and all the rest just to make a measly 15% profit.


But for a select few, life is too short to become a slave to any business. Especially when there are less complicated, less risky, and far more profitable ways to earn a great income without being tied down.


And, that's what the affiliate marketing business is all about -- earning a good income while enjoying a great lifestyle!


In this business, you are the master. You call the shots. And you have the freedom to enjoy your success.


As a matter of fact, a lot of people feel like the affiliate marketing business is the "ultimate" business.

  • This business has low start-up costs... anyone can get started in it!


  • This business offers high profits and low risks which means more money in your pocket!


  • There is no direct selling involved -- that means no rejection for you because all selling is done through ads or websites!


  • You don't need to hassle with employees... you can do it all yourself!


  • There is no inventory to buy or to worry about.


  • You don't need a store front or office... which would cost you hundreds of dollars a month just to keep up and running!


  • You can operate this business from anywhere in the world -- as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you're in business!


And best of all, success in your own affiliate marketing business means you can spend your time however you want!


Spend it with your loved ones, traveling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or just living the good life.


The choice is totally up to you!


Well, in most cases, the people who are making tons of money in affiliate marketing have three things going for them:


1) They sell products that have a lot of profit in them.


2) They have a market that has money -- and a market that wants to buy what they're selling.


3) They have the right marketing materials to communicate and motivate that market. (advertisements, press releases, pre-sell pages, websites, etc)


If you've got these three things going for you, your chances of making a lot of money are really high.


So, the big questions are:


"How do I get such hot products?"


"How do I find the market?" And...


"How do I reach them?"


The answer:


This is a complete, step-by-step guide encompassing everything you need to know to make money with affiliate marketing, generate new leads, and get massive affiliate commissions every single day.


With the strategies in this book, you could potentially make your first affiliate commission faster than you've done before.


You get all the right ingredients -- the "recipe" you need for total success in affiliate marketing! 


Here's what you're going to learn in this massive info-packed premier training guide:


  • A quick recap of how affiliate marketing works 


  • The problem with affiliate marketing and a better way to do it


  • How to pick your niche the expert way


  • How to filter affiliate programs and pick the most profitable ones


  • How to find your niche competitors and reverse engineer their model


  • How to identify the industry standard in your niche and build from there


  • How to come up with a competitive advantage 


  • How to deliver the answer to your prospect's problem by offering "more comprehensive information"


  • The secret to content-based affiliate marketing


  • How to reverse engineer your competitors’ content strategy


  • How to study your competitors' content patterns thoroughly 


  • How to make your content special


  • How to get traffic the smart way


  • Why social media is the key


  • The smart way to build credibility on social media


  • How to execute the "sandwich strategy"


  • How the sandwich strategy works 


  • How to automate your social media presence


  • How to master free traffic before you spend a dollar on paid traffic


  • Why you should pay attention to your social media content everyday


  • How to identify the social media channels that sent you the most traffic


  • How to optimize your conversion system for maximum income 


  • A step-by-step guide to optimizing your conversion system


  • How to optimize your content for maximum conversions


  • Why you need to identify the content that produces the most conversions 


  • Why you should analyze your most popular and highest converting content


  • How to optimize your affiliate programs to maximize conversions 


  • How to run core affiliate programs through an ad rotator


  • How to come up with ad variations for each winning affiliate program


  • How to build a multi-layered passive income affiliate marketing system  


  • A highly effective mailing list strategy you should follow


  • And much, much more!


You’ll learn everything about making money with affiliate marketing. Just use this incredible resource and reach the pinnacle of success!


Along with the remarkable contents you'll find in this course, you'll also get the following 3 bonus courses that will take your affiliate marketing game to the next level.


I've covered the basis and given you virtually everything you'll need to succeed in affiliate marketing - even if you're a complete rookie.


Take a look at the 3 surprise bonuses you'll get when you acquire this package today!


This book explains how to tap into 1,000's of affiliate products for free on Clickbank that you can market an make commissions online.


You'll learn sales techniques, sources of free advertising, specialty products, how to find your niche, and tips for generating funnel traffic to maximize your online sales.


Some of the things you'll learn inside this book are:


  • How to find out what's already selling well on Clickbank


  • Tips for researching the product and the vendor


  • How to check for "commission leaks"


  • The secret to generating Clickbank sales with email list building


  • 6 unique ways to promote the affiliate programs on Clickbank


  • 5 types of lead magnets that work great for generating new leads


  • How to create content that "captures" people imagination


  • And much, much more!

The key to CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing success is to focus on what works.


The mechanics of affiliate marketing have not changed. What has changed, however, are the strategies that enable you to become a successful affiliate marketer.


With this step-by-step guide you'll be able to accomplish the following things:


  • Understand the importance of modern affiliate marketing strategies.


  • How to identify niches based on ROI and other crucial factors.


  • You'll learn about modern conversion systems.


  • You'll discover different monetization methods.


  • How to put a heavy focus on the commercial value of your niche.


  • You'll learn traffic generation and optimization strategies


  • How to pick your niches based on ROI and other crucial factors


  • How to create niche-focused conversion systems


  • And much, much more!

The Amazon Associates Program is HOT right now, and people all over the world are making money with it. So why not you?


If you want the convenience of high conversion rates and quick sales with Amazon's affiliate program, you need this book!


You'll learn everything you need to know about making money with the Amazon affiliate program, and how to scale your income to levels you've never thought before!


Here's a little of what you'll learn inside of this course:


  • How to pick a hot Amazon niche


  • Why you need to start by checking the advertising fee rates


  • How to find the best selling and popular categories


  • Secrets to finding the top performers in your niche and copying their success


  • How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website


  • Where to get a great domain name, hosting, and website builder


  • How to make product oriented content for your Amazon site


  • Step-by-step guide to promoting your Amazon affiliate site


  • Building your Amazon affiliate empire in the right way


  • And much, much more!

If you don’t feel confident that you’re going to make your first online sale with this course in the next 12 MONTHS, or if you don’t think that this is the best course for making with affiliate marketing, or ANYTHING... just send me an email I’ll give you a FULL REFUND without question. ASAP.


Plain and simple.


Isn't that what you really want?... More freedom?... More passion?... More time with those you love?... More travel?... More cash?


You must seriously consider this course -- it can change your life, and bring you all you've ever hoped for; if you get it, and if you take action!


However, I must warn you... this package isn't for everyone...


Before you start counting all the money you're going to make with this system, there is something you need to know. If you're broke, or down to your last penny, I honestly don't think this opportunity is for you.


If you're having financial problems; or if you've got to borrow money to afford this project, then I really don't think this is for you.


Or... if you're looking for some sort of "magic pill" to fix everything in your life, then this isn't for you either. There's no such thing -- and there's no use in wasting your time or mine... OK?


On the other hand, if you're looking for an honest, honorable way to take you to the level of personal success and financial freedom you desire; a way that is proven to work... then my Affincome Training Kit is exactly what you need!


How much would you expect to pay for a course that will bring you a larger income, more free time, more excitement, and less stress in your life? $400? $500?


Some people would mortgage their homes for the opportunity to learn how to explode their profits quickly & easily while living the life of their dreams.




Other affiliate marketing systems on the internet provide unproven results and are currently being sold for $200 or more. For unproven results, this is too high.


So what will this course ultimately cost you? Good question.


Tell me what you think about this answer: only $19.


And Yes...


100% Real!


Think about how awesome it will be to finally have people ordering from you on a daily basis. Think about how much liberation you'll have from the tiresome lifestyle you have with your day job.


Think about how it will feel to finally see results from the effort you put in marketing your affiliate business.


Wouldn't it be worth it to finally breathe? Wouldn't it be worth it to finally sleep knowing that you run your business, and that it doesn't run you? Wouldn't it be worth it to finally know that you know what it takes to make money online?


There is not much more I can say. I’ve poured my heart out and laid everything on the table.


I have an ardent desire to help you increase your income, have more fun in your affiliate business, spend more time with the people that you really want to be with, and live the life you've always dreamed about.

Make it easy on yourself. This ENTIRE affiliate marketing course does ALL of the work for you. And if you acquire and take hold of it right now, you control your life and your destiny!


What have you got to lose?


If you want to be among a select group of affiliate marketers who does exceptionally well in their business each and every day... then you must hurry before I take away the chance for you to get your hands on these secrets!


To get in on this exclusive offer not available anywhere else, you can't wait! $19 for this package is a STEAL. If you want to enhance and improve your profits in every way, you need to take immediate action!


Should you have any questions or just want to talk about any strategies, you can send me an email after you download the course.


Take your mouse, scroll down, and order now! Before you know it, within just one week of implementation, you’ll see remarkable gains in your income.


Click below to order and download now!




Randall Magwood


P.S. Affiliate marketing is your ticket to online business success. With my course, you'll learn everything you need to know to build a rock-solid business in no time!


P.P.S. You also have a 12-month money back guarantee on this course. If you don't like it or feel that you haven't learned anything at all, simply send me an email and I'll refund your payment ASAP.


P.P.P.S. Feel free to reach out to me for help on your affiliate marketing journey!



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